Green Land Development

Attractive Land in the municipality of Karpoš


In the period between 1830 and 1845, Bardovci neighborhood was first inhabited by Havzi-Pasha, who was at that time Pasha of the city of Skopje, where he built his residencе –  Havzi-Pasha’s Konacs. This complex is now included in the Macedonian Cultural Heritage List. Nowadays, there are lots of modern and luxury houses in the Bardovci neighborhood of famous Macedonian politicians and businessmen, but also you can see common people living there as well. They all enjoy the benefits of this wonderful piece of land.

About Us

We are the landlords of this promising and well-located property in the municipality of Karpoš (Bardovci neighborhood), in the city of Skopje, Macedonia.

This land is spreading over 26 hectares , northwest from the city center. The proximity of important locations and roads is shown in details below. The land has 3 main road points of entrance, which make it accessible by road.

One of the advantages of this land is its favorable location. In the vicinity, you have all the important institutions and road connections, and yet this parcel has its privacy and quietness. Another perk of this location is its higher elevation point and fauna surrounding which make it a healthier, cleaner and eco-friendlier than most of the municipalities in Skopje.

Our goal & vision for this property is to find a suitable investor who, upon signing the contract for the land, will have a ready-to-go project which will give him a head start for the construction & development of what we believe will be the most popular and eco-friendly neighborhood in Skopje.

The Terrain – Real Time Images

In the following photos, you can see the terrain from all four cardinal directions.


West View

North View

South View

East View

West View

North View

South View

East View

On the photos above, you can see the real-time landscape images of the property.

It is located in the municipality of Karpoš, which is increasingly gaining popularity due to its favorable location. As you can see from the photos, there aren’t many adjacent buildings to this land, which make it a perfect location for those who want more privacy and cleaner air.

With the increasing development of residential buildings in Skopje, this land has a huge potential of becoming the most desired residential location.



Middle-class Houses

Luxury Homes