Green Land Development

Micro Locations

Our Location & Proximity of key locations

The red pin location shows the area of our land. Just slightly north from it, you can see the connection to the ring road A2 which leads to the Skopje International Airport, 31.4 km to the south-east and to the Kosovo Border just 12 km to the north-west.

South from the land, the road leads to the Skopje City Center which is 15 min. drive away. Just slightly south, you can reach the famous Vodno Mountain where you can enjoy beautiful sights and activities, and also visit its churches and monasteries.


KM to Skopje International Airport

KM to Vodno Mountain

KM to City Center

KM to Ring Road

Micro Locations

proximity of important buildings & roads

All the important locations are on the south side of the land. The closest police and fire department stations are located 6 km from our location, points 6&7. At point 3, you can find the most popular shopping mall in Skopje – City Mall. The hospital “Neuromedika” is located 5.2 km and the elementary school “Dimo Hadzi Dimov” is located 5 km from the parcel.

On the south-eastern side, located just 3.5 km from our location, “Sistina Private Hospital” is one of the best and most renowned private hospitals in the country. Just 1.5 km ride from the hospital, you can reach the most popular sports center in Macedonia “Boris Trajkovski” where you can participate in many sports activities.

Macro Locations

proximity of important destinations in&out of the country

In Macedonia:


Out of Macedonia: